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Safety in the Pentlands

The Pentland Hills, being low lying and close to roads are relatively safe and very few incidents occur. Walkers occasionally suffer from injuries resulting from a slip or heart problems but the distance from roads means that they are quickly and easily evacuated from the hills. Mountain Bikers often fall and suffer injuries. Bikers using the Hills in winter should take warm and waterproof clothing, in case they become immobilised.

The Mountaineering Scotland website provides sound advice to ensure your safety in the hills. You should check out the weather forecast before you set off: we recommend the Mountain Weather Information System (click on Southern Uplands). Why not have a look at a webcam for an idea of what the weather is doing? Eastside Farm currently have one pointing towards East and West Kips.

Perhaps the greatest dangers in the Hills are the 13 reservoirs especially when they freeze over and tempt people to walk onto the ice. The Natural Heritage Service adheres to a strict Ice Safety Plan, notifying the police, fire brigade, local schools and Radio Forth1 when ice has formed on the reservoirs. Do not venture onto the ice. If someone has fallen in, contact the emergency servies immediately.

If you do get into difficulties in the Regional Park, please contact the Regional Park Headquaters on 0131 529 2401 or Duty Officer on 07798 505301. You may be directed to a mobile or emergency number during out of office hours.

If it is an emergency please contact the emergency service immediately, dialling 999.