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Pentland Hills Regional Park Service

Natural Heritage Officers

Woods in the Pentlands
The previously named Countryside Rangers, now Natural Heritage Officers in the Pentland Hills Regional Park are part of a world-wide family of Rangers who work to conserve and protect natural and cultural resources, and inform and educate all who work, visit and enjoy them.

Here in the Pentlands, the Service undertake a wide variety of duties. No two days are ever the same and any one day could include outdoor conservation work, wildlife surveying, inspecting the 100km of paths in the hills, working with practical conservation groups, liaison with landowners and the public, writing management plans and reports, making and taking numerous phone calls, never mind emails and texts!

It would take a team comprising, an experienced naturalist, sympathetic recreationalist, far-sighted land manager, inventive interpreter, confident communicator, competent IT operator, mountain rescuer and first fill the boots of ONE officer!! 

To find out more about Rangering in Scotland and around the world, check out the Scottish Countryside Rangers Association and the International Rangers Federation websites.