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Published: Friday, 06 July 2018

A Natural Heritage Officer extinguishing a fire at Clubbiedean

Photo: fire at Clubbiedean

Do not light any fires

Following a large hill-fire on Scald Law, we are urging the public NOT TO LIGHT FIRES in the Regional Park during this extended period of hot dry weather.

If you see a fire which is clearly unattended, please call us, and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service on 999 if it looks like it might spread.

If you see a campfire which has people using it, ask them to put it out if you feel safe doing so. If they will not, or you feel threatened, you should call the police on 101, as deliberate fire setting in current conditions is an offence. You should also call the Fire and Rescue Service on 999 if it looks like the fire might spread and cause a danger to surrounding land or property.

It is possible to use a disposable barbecue safely by resting it on river shingle or another large stony area. You MUST use water to thoroughly extinguish it before TAKING IT AWAY WITH YOU!

Smokers should properly extinguish their cigarettes and remove all butts.

Do not leave glass, broken or otherwise, on the hill, as this can also start fires.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.