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Phase 2 updates

Accessing the Regional Park during Phase 2

We are now in Phase 2, and the travel restriction of five miles has been lifted. This may place further pressure on the limited car parking available in the Regional Park, so we urge you to continue to access on foot or by cycle where possible. PHRP car parks are small and do not accommodate many vehicles. Some car parks have had a further reduction in capacity to help maintain safe distancing and keep those accessing on foot, cycle or horse safe from excess traffic. If you do choose to travel by car and the car park is full, do not park illegally or irresponsibly – have a plan B (especially on sunny days), or come back at a quieter time. 

Mountaineering Scotland has produced guidelines for walkers and climbers in Scotland for the further relaxations in Phase 2 of the Scottish Government route map for easing lockdown restrictions, which came into effect on 3 July 2020.


Car parks

PHRP car park reopening measures:

  • Parking spaces are reduced at the busiest car parking areas to help maintain safe distancing and protect those accessing on foot, cycle or horse from vehicles.
  • If the car park is full – do not park illegally on roadsides or field entrances. Have a plan B or come back when it is quieter. Traffic wardens and police are monitoring the area for dangerous parking.
  • When parking – remember to keep a safe distance from those in other cars.
  • Drive carefully on narrow country roads – keep pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders safe,
  • Live locally? We are urging you to continue to walk or cycle. Those less able bodied or who need to travel for exercise would benefit from parking availability.
  • Please donate at the provided boxes to keep car parks and surrounding facilities such as footpaths maintained. 

The following measures have been taken at these car parks:

Bonaly upper: CLOSED to allow social distancing on Bonaly Road between the bypass bridge and the upper car park. Torduff Rd has been reopened but there is extremely limited parking at Bonaly: please do not drive here unless you have no other options.

Harlaw: restricted parking to allow social distancing on access track

Flotterstone: restricted parking to allow social distancing on access road

Threipmuir: restoration of three disabled parking bays

Scroll to the bottom of our Coronavirus page to see the status of individual car parks.



We have received a number of queries as to whether wild camping is currently permitted.

The Scottish Government phase 2 guidance states that: ''In Phase 2 we are still requiring people to stay at home, except for limited purposes. In Phase 3 we hope to be able to be able to allow leisure travel and tourism activities, including wild camping.’’ Please continue to heed this advice and do not go wild camping in the Pentlands during phase 2. When a return to wild camping is acceptable remember the ethos is always #LeaveNoTrace.

If you see people camping and are concerned about the potential for transmission of the virus, that littering is occurring, or that there is a hazard due to fire, please call the emergency services. You can also call us on 07798 505301 to let us know that the relevant authorities have been informed.



Harlaw visitor centre and toilets remain closed, as Flotterstone toilets: they will not be reopening in line with the car parks as we are unable to provide the required cleaning regimen.

Please do not toilet outdoors irresponsibly. Go before your visit or follow the correct etiquette for going outdoors (download pdf). Many sites are extremely busy with families and dogs or have livestock present - we have encountered issues in the past with dogs and cattle ingesting human waste.


Mountain biking

Those interested in Mountain biking should check out Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland advice to find out more about returning to mountain bike trails.


Walking: one-way pedestrian systems

We have introduced some one-way paths near car parks to help pedestrians maintain social distancing on busy paths as visitor numbers increase. Please follow the signage.

At Harlaw, from the car park to and from the reservoir:

  • follow the woodland path to the reservoir
  • return to the car park via the access road

At Flotterstone

  • Follow the woodland path towards the reservoirs
  • Return to the car park via the access road – keep right so you can see oncoming traffic

In all locations please do not congregate in the car parks or stop on narrow paths. Pass quickly but courteously, leaving as much space as possible.


Accessing the PHRP on foot or cycle: tips to keep safe

  • Keep right and face oncoming traffic if walking, cycle on the left.
  • Stay alert to your surroundings – if you wear headphones keep the volume low and be aware of where you are in the road or path.
  • If someone slows or stops in front of you, check it is safe before passing quickly but courteously, leaving as much space as possible.
  • Be Safe, Be Seen – at dusk/dawn and night time make sure you are wearing bright, reflective clothing.
  • Slow down or stop for horses and other farm animals and give them plenty of room when passing.


Government advice

For the latest Scottish Government public health advice, and the lastest on the routemap to easing lockdown, please visit

Published: 3rd July 2020