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Winter warning

Parking / avalanche warning

Parking, 10 Feb 2021

None of the Regional Park's car parks are accessible by vehicle at present. Our car parks are not routinely ploughed: roads and pavements are prioritised. Please do not drive to the Regional Park.

There are notable issues at Flotterstone with badly parked vehicles. Police are in attendance, and are able to tow vehicles obstructing access.


Avalanche warning

Following the heavy snow over the past 48 hours, there have been avalanche reports. Do not venture onto the hills unless confident in your ability to risk-assess the potential for avalanches. Ensure that you are properly equipped for full winter conditions when accessing the hills. We are particularly concerned at the risk to Mountain Rescue personnel if called out in the current climate with coronavirus - the virus could easily be transmitted between team members on a rescue. Please don't put rescue teams and yourself at risk.

Published: 10th February 2021