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Lighting fires

Fires that become out of control are one of the most damaging consequences of camping. Every year the Regional Park staff, landowners and land managers, and the Fire Brigade deal with numerous out of control fires within the Regional Park, which result in significant damaging effects on the environment.

To reduce the risk of out of control fires:

  • use a stove rather than light an open fire
  • keep fire small, under control and supervised
  • never light a fire during prolonged dry periods
  • never cut down trees or branches, this damages or kills the tree and the wood is too damp to burn
  • ensure the fire is properly and completely out and remove all traces before you leave.

Never light a fire in woods, forests, or on farmland, peaty ground or near buildings.
It is an offence under the Trespass (Scotland) Act 1865 to light a fire in a plantation without the land owner's permission. Fires lit in woodlands often burn into the soil and cause damage by spreading into the surrounding ground.

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For further information phone your local Scottish Natural Heritage office on 0131 316 2600, or call 01738 444 177.

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