The Regional Park covers an area of 10,000 hectares, with over 100km (62 miles) of waymarked paths. Approximately 600,000 people use in the park every year, with walking, cycling, horse riding and fishing just a few of the recreational activities.

We carry out many projects to increase the visitor’s enjoyment of the Park. These include:

  • path construction and maintenance
  • signage and waymarking
  • installation of access gates
  • habitat improvements for wildlife
  • improvement of facilities at visitor centres and other popular sites

You can help by contributing towards these projects. All funds raised are used only for new ‘added value’ projects on the ground, and not for the day-to-day running of the Service.

Example projects funded by donation scheme

  • Habitat improvement, Flotterstone filter beds (2022 / ongoing)
  • Daisy Dell to Glencorse Waterfall path upgrade (2020)
  • Black Springs path upgrade (2019)
  • Replacement of gate at Castlelaw (2018)
  • Replacement of Daisy Dell bridge (2016)
  • Upgrading of steps leading into Bonaly Country Park from Torduff Reservoir (2012)
  • A new recycled plastic seat for the Flotterstone Glen (2011)
  • 500 copies of the 'Horse Riding in the Pentland Hills Regional Park' leaflet (2010) 

How to donate

It may also be possible to donate a specific piece of infrastructure such as a picnic bench or bridge. These items are often donated in memory of someone who loved the area. Please contact us if you are interested.