Threipmuir car park

CLOSURE for improvement works

25/10/2023 UPDATE - due to unforseen delays it is possible that Threipmuir car park will not reopen until towards the end of November 2023. Thus delay has been partly caused by thefts from the building site. We would appreciate any information from the public regarding suspicious activity in the area, especially at night.

As part of our Visit Scotland-funded improvements to our hotspot car parks, Threipmuir car park is closed from Monday 4th September until around 3rd November. This is in order to undertake a radical transformation of the area, bringing extra parking spaces, toilets, bike racks, and more.

The surrounding roads have always suffered from verge parking on busy days, leading to damage to the verge, and risks to pedestrians and cyclists. There have also been occasions when local residents and the emergency services have had concerns about access. For this reason surrounding roads are subject to a Temporary Traffic Restriction Order (external link to download of order) from the end of August, meaning that vehicles may not park on the verge during this time. Vehicles which do so will be removed by tow-truck.

We thank you for your understanding during this period, and ask that you use one of our many other car parks to access the hills during this time. Or better still, utilise alternative forms of transport. We look forward to sharing our improved car parks with you.

Published: 1st September 2023